There are increasing fears in the legal sector surrounding rising court fees and costs. Such rises are seen as detrimental to justice, as it reduces access to justice. Recent years have seen such measures criticised by many in the legal sector. The matter recently came into the spotlight recently, as rising court fees were again condemned – this time, by MPs themselves.  The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) departmental budget was not ring fenced like some key government departments. Some court and related fees have risen in recent years – and will only rise further. This… Read Article →

Making a personal injury claim is your legal right if you have suffered an injury as a result of another party’s negligence. However, many people are reluctant to make their claim because there are a number of things about the idea of claiming that they find intimidating. One of these is the possibility of a court hearing. Do I Need to go to Court for my Personal Injury Claim? The short answer is that you probably don’t. In the majority of cases, a settlement is reached before things reach a stage where the claimant has… Read Article →

It has now been confirmed that the vast majority of the courts named previously by the government on a list of those under threat will, in fact, be closed. Of the 91 courts on the list, the Ministry of Justice announced this month, only five will remain open. The remaining 86 courts are to face closure. Of these, 64 are to undergo closure through the exact process outlined in last year’s consultation document, in which the list of threatened courts was first published. The remaining 22 are still to face closure, but with changes to… Read Article →

Fresh calls have been made for the introduction of a new, digital court to the UK. The Civil Justice Council has repeated calls for a purely online court to be introduced, able to handle claims with a value of up to £25,000. Popular internet auction site eBay has been named as a role model of sorts for the new court. Whilst this suggestion may seem surprising on the face of it, eBay operates by providing a platform for independent sellers and private buyers to interact, and disputes between buyers and sellers which are, in a… Read Article →

Findings have been announced following a watchdog review of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and its role in improving the justice system through the transforming summary justice initiative. The Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate gave mixed opinions on the CPS’ contribution to the improvement of magistrates’ court operations, with the most significant criticism being that prosecutors were failing to properly review the cases and relevant case files ahead of many cases’ first court hearing. The Inspectorate reached this conclusion following a review of the Crown Prosecution Service’s recent work to make changes to magistrates’ courts. Through… Read Article →

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